Exquisite Wedding Photos call for Elegant Wedding Venues

Posted By On 22 May 2013

Elegant Wedding Venue NJ - Grand Staircase

Regardless of budget, type of wedding, or bride style, there is one wedding aspect most brides agree is of utmost importance: exquisite wedding photos. No bride wants to look back at her wedding photos with regret. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Simply have your wedding at an elegant wedding venue in New Jersey. After all, an amazing wedding photographer is great, but it sure does help when you have an elegant New Jersey wedding venue with beautiful scenery to provide eloquent backdrops. Here are four types of locations at elegant New Jersey wedding venues perfect for those exquisite wedding photos you’ve been dreaming about.

Elegant Wedding Venues, Exquisite Wedding Photos!

Grand Staircase – For those looking for the ultimate princess moment, snapshots on a grand staircase of an elegant wedding venue is a must. There’s no better place to share those first-look photos, show off your wedding gown or capture your grand entrance. Plus, the grand staircase at the Meadow Wood Manor is so expansive that you can comfortably fit large groups on them for fun family photos.

Elegant Wedding Venue NJ - PergolaPergola – There is nothing more enchanting and elegant as a snapshot of the bride and groom kissing under a whimsical garden pergola. Throw in a white fence, lovely fuchsia flowers with a stone walkway, and you’ve got the making for a timeless wedding photo guaranteed to make you smile for a lifetime.

Grassy Knoll – While garden settings are nice, some brides may prefer to have an outdoor photo highlight the simple beauty of nature without all the extra structures to closely imitate a park-like setting. That’s why it’s important to select an elegant New Jersey wedding venue that pays just as much attention to it’s grass landscaping as it does to their garden. The grassy knoll located on Route 10 in front of the Meadow Wood Manor is perfect for a picturesque snapshot to showcase the venue’s true beauty. Plus, you can ask your photographer to show the building peeking through behind the trees.

Bay Windows – Some of the most popular photographs this year involve windows. Whether they are “peeping Tom” like photos peering through the window panels or intimate photos of the bride and groom sneaking in a private moment to steal a kiss in front of an arched bay window, you are in for a treat. Luckily, elegant wedding venues in NJ have no shortage of beautiful windows for backgrounds in exquisite wedding photos. You’ll find a variety of noteworthy windows in the bridal suite, main lobby, and ballroom at the Meadow Wood Manor.

Elegant Wedding Venue NJ - BallroomBallroom – While other locations of elegant venues are nice, one of the most important rooms for photos is the ballroom. After all, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there if you are holding the reception in the space. It’s important to ensure that your elegant wedding venue is equipped with immaculate flooring, gorgeous wall fixtures, and adequate lighting to set the tone.

With an elegant New Jersey wedding venue complete with gorgeous fixtures and scenery, you are guaranteed to have the exquisite photos to stand the test of time!

All Photos: Walter/Eloquent Studios 

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