Garden Weddings in NJ: As Elegant As The Bride

Posted By On 25 Jan 2013

This is one in a series of articles where we will address topics New Jersey brides-to-be may find interesting.
This installment covers Garden Weddings in NJ.

garden-weddings-in-njHere in New Jersey, the words “bride” and “elegant” seem to go hand in hand. It’s only natural that a New Jersey bride would expect her wedding to be elegant as well. While many brides dream of an elegant garden wedding in New Jersey, they are still afraid to take the plunge. One of the main reasons why brides shy away from garden weddings is their fear of the unknown. There are many variables to planning elegant garden weddings. Luckily, credible and dependable New Jersey reception sites have
got you covered!

When planning elegant garden weddings, there are many things brides need to think about. These things include the possibility of rain, cold weather, making sure elderly guests are comfortable, catering possibilities, photo opportunities, seating arrangements, etc. Of course, the experts at the Meadow Wood Manor are always two steps ahead of the game. They always have a back up plan in the event the worst case scenario does unfold during your wedding.

When it comes to garden weddings, there is absolutely nothing elegant about freezing in your white dress while guests tremble in all the wedding photos because of an unexpected change of temperature. That’s exactly why the folks at the Meadow Wood Manor are equipped with patio heaters to save the day and the wedding photos. Most reception sites all have a designated indoor location in the event of bad weather. The good news is, the decision to move the ceremony isn’t made until the last minute so you have every opportunity to wait it out and make your dream garden wedding a possibility.

Of course, with the ability to transform the space into the cocktail area, there may never be a need to go inside unless you truly want to. And why would you want to go inside if you have the option of being around enchanted, manicured and seasonally planted gardens? Not to mention the scenery provides for a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and enchanting photo opportunities. And should your brother be allergic to a certain plant or your grandma need something that is handicap accessible, reception sites have the means to arrange seating in a way to cater to their personal needs and increase comfort levels.

Outdoor garden weddings allow you to find that happy place between traditional and unique. And with all the options available, there’s no reason why your fear of the unknown should keep you from exploring garden weddings in NJ.

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