Intimate Wedding Venues NJ: Finding the perfect venue for your wedding

Posted By On 18 Oct 2011

Hotels are for sleeping… that’s our motto around here, unless of course you stay at The Marriott down the street then The Auld Shebeen Pub also makes it the perfect place for a great after party! Venues that book more than one wedding at a time can hardly be considered as intimate. I mean if you are the bride… you want to be THE BRIDE! We often hear our engaged couples share with us that they want an intimate wedding venue. So, I started thinking about some of the little details that make for intimate, and that prompted me to write this post: Intimate Wedding Venues NJ: Finding the perfect venue for your wedding

Intimate [intuh-mit] -adjective

1. associated in close personal relations

You should have someone at the facility that gets to know you and what is important to you. Someone who is going to be there championing for you, coaching you and keeping up with the intimate details of your wedding.

2. characterized by or involving warm friendship or a personally close or familiar association or feeling

The facility should allow for you to feel that you are at home. A place you can personalize. Perhaps you want to bring in family photos or other mementos to compliment the guest areas. The exclusive use of the space should lend itself to a variety of unique personal touches. An intimate wedding allows you to make your wedding a reflection of the two of you.

3. very private; closely personal; warmly cozy

Whether for 100 or 250 guests, the right venue can lend that feeling of private intimacy to any wedding. Your venue should offer one wedding at a time, your own private bridal suite, intimate guest lounges and cozy areas for your guests to spend time comfortably together.

Your Wedding Day

You want your wedding day to feel like a celebration with family and friends more than a production…an intimate wedding venue, a few personal and even some do it yourself touches and a perfect guest list promises to give you the day you have always dreamed about!


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