Unique Weddings in NJ: 4 Ways to make it Happen

Posted By On 26 Feb 2013

This is one in a series of articles where we will address topics New Jersey brides-to-be may find interesting.
This installment covers Unique Weddings in NJ.

“I want my wedding to look exactly like everyone else’s wedding” – said no NJ Bride ever.

unique weddings in njAs impressive as they may be, no bride ever wants her wedding to be an exact replica of prior weddings. Why be a second rate version of someone else when you can be a first rate version of yourself? After all, weddings are about showcasing your personality and making it unique to the love you share with your new spouse. Copying the weddings of those before yours is not the way to do that.

Of course, creating an elegant, yet unique wedding in NJ comes with ease. That’s because several unique wedding venues in NJ such as, Meadow Wood Manor, specialize in helping you create a magical event that’s a true reflection of you.

Not sure where to start when crafting that whimsical yet unique wedding of your dreams?

Here are four suggestions:

  1. Unique weddings in NJ have a Signature Drink: Brides can quench their thirst for a unique wedding in New Jersey with a customized drink. Signature drinks are the perfect way to tie in a theme, particular mood, or even a favorite color. Brides can work with the staff to concoct a beverage that’s a true representation of their personal style.
  2. Unique weddings in NJ can use Family recipes: Got any secret family recipes? Including a family recipe as part of the menu is the perfect way to honor a relative or particular culture. Plus, since it’s only known in the family, it’s a safe bet no other bride will have it. You are practically guaranteed a unique New Jersey wedding this way!
  3. Unique weddings in NJ can have Personalized Fixtures: Did you happen to spend most of your childhood sitting on a particular chair in your home? Or did you realize your fiancé first fell in love with you the minute he caught your reflection in a mirror on the living room wall? If a particular fixture holds significant meaning to you, think about including it in the wedding décor. Unique wedding venues in New Jersey have managers and attendants on hand to help you incorporate various fixtures so you can build that one-of-a-kind wedding.
  4. Colorful Linens: You never have to worry about having the same ole’ boring white napkins as every other bride because the Meadow Wood Manor allows brides to have their choice of linens. You can mix and match colors to coordinate table cloths, overlays, napkins and chair sashes to match your theme and color. It’s the perfect way to incorporate your some flair in a subtle way.

You never have to worry about being that typical cookie-cutter bride. When following these tips, you’ll soon find having a unique wedding in NJ is easier than you think!

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